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Four Reasons Why Box 7 is a Year-Round Ministry


About Box 7

To bring greater hope and joy to the people of drum corps


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The invitation is open for members, staff, volunteers, fans, parents, and alumni



There is a need for year-round missionaries in the marching music arts. Find out more about how you partner with us through prayer or financial giving.


Operation: #ServeDrumCorps

Volunteering for a drum corps makes a difference for young adults. It's also an affordable short-term mission trip!

Leading Young Adults to Know & Follow Jesus Christ

Box 7 Ministries

Get Involved with Box 7

Do you want to be a part of this ministry in the marching music arts? Please join our email list, tell your friends about Box 7, and check out the pages below to learn how you can participate.

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Box 7 in Denton, TX

Those of you in the North Texas area are invited to come to Denton on the first Sunday nights of March, April, and May to have dinner, fellowship, vision-sharing, and prayer.  We want to come together for the purpose of the Gospel going further in the marching music arts.  Will you join us?

The schedule and updates are posted on our blog at Box 7 Denton: Connect Nights.  Check it out, and let us know if you can come!

Auditioning for DCI 2014?

Get connected to Box 7 members in the membership and staff at most corps in DCI.

You can join on Facebook, Box 7 Ministries Interest Group, or contact us at info@box7dci.org or 218.248.2697.