2017 Finals Week Media

We are developing written content and a few media projects to help more people understand DCI and Box 7, with the goal of getting more people involved.

Please skim these prompts, and let us know which prompt(s) you feel most passionate about giving input for. Pray and ask God for guidance on what to share. Aim for specific, vivid thoughts and stories, rather than general language.

Thanks for pulling aside a few minutes for this!

Prompt 1 – general stories of pursuing God from tour

Pick from the following:

  • What are ways that you spent time with God this season?
  • What are ways that you pursued Christian community with people in Box 7?
  • What are some stories of how you were able to show & tell about Jesus this season?

Prompt 2 – thanks to supporters

There are hundreds of people praying regularly for this ministry, and almost 200 people and churches giving financially to support this work (over $125,000 a year for staff and expenses).

Please say a brief “thank you” to people who pray and give. You can include a one-liner of how God has shaped you through being a part of DCI and Box 7.

Prompt 3 – for potential ministry supporters

Video interview prompt: “If you had a chance to talk with some adults who could make a BIG difference by giving time, expertise, money, or other resources to support ministry in DCI and the marching arts, what would you say?”  (Be real about the need for Christ in DCI, be specific in asking ways that people can get involved, and dream about vision of what God could do in the future.)

Prompt 4 – for church/ministry leaders to help you

Answer the following for audio, video, or written blog: “When you arrive home from DCI and go through the next school year, how can church leadership or a college/youth ministry most help you grow in your faith and become a leader for Christ?” (Be honest about specifics for “band” life or music majors).

Audience will be adult leaders in ministry. Format could be multiple: Audio or Video or Transcribed Blog.