Optional Intro // Luke 1 – 4:13

Preparing the Way for Jesus

The first few chapters of Luke are helpful for understanding the historical anticipation of Christ.  For DCI 2018 we suggest this section is optional reading that you can do anytime, on your own.

This optional intro allows us to schedule the rest of the book over 11 weeks for your summer.  The remainder of the reading plan will have 4 readings per week, each session 5-6 minutes long, including a moment for you to pray.

This Bible Reading Plan for Luke is adapted from the American Bible Society.  Get the PDF here

Seven Short Readings From Luke

Feel free to read this in larger chunks, maybe even full chapters.  For the rest of the summer, the readings will generally be shorter than this introduction.

1:1-25  Bible App Link

1:26-56 Bible App Link

1:57-80 Bible App Link

2:1-21 Bible App Link

2:22-52 Bible App Link

3:1-38 Bible App Link

4:1-13 Bible App Link