Week 1 // May 27 – June 2

Box 7 Tip: Find a “spot” for time with God. Jesus was known for pulling away from the crowds, spending time by himself in nature to pray and recharge. Around your move-ins location, look for a location where you or a small group can routinely get away from the craziness of drum corps to reflect spend focused time with God. It might be in the bleachers, a balcony over a gym, a bench outside the school, a quiet lounge area inside the school. Where’s your “spot”?

Luke 4:14 - 6:19

Overview for This Week

Jesus has the authority to heal people, free the oppressed, and preach Good News.  He selects disciples, men to follow him and be trained as leaders. He is changing paradigms about religion and is not always accepted by people. 

Four Readings from Luke

These are short readings for any break time when you can grab your Bible or phone app. ​

4:14-30   Bible App Link
4:31-5:11  Bible App Link

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Jesus + The Ashamed

5:12-39   Bible App Link

​*Recommended Breakaway Podcast
Jesus Among The Millennials: Technology

6:1-19​   Bible App Link


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Luke 4:16-20
Luke 5:27-32

Questions for DBS

  1. What does this passage tell us about Jesus?
  2. What does this passage mean to us?
  3. How will I apply it? (Make it a real, personal application.)
  4. How will I pray?