Week 2 // June 3 – 9

Box 7 Tip: If you did not try last week’s tip of finding your “spot” for quiet time, check out that tip on the post. As you get settled into Move-Ins, you can ask a more experienced member or staff about how to save time in your daily routine. If you have not already established a Box 7 small group or “Focus Group,” start paying attention to who you actually see often during the day. Invite them to join you for a Focus Group time this week, then commit to meet a few more times. Don't feel like you have to commit to a group for the whole summer. 

Luke 6:20 - 8:21

Overview for This Week

Jesus teaches with clarity about how to live a life following Him; he calls for suffering, loving our enemies, righteous judgement, and a solid foundation in His words. He continues to show his power by healing people and raising from the dead, and demonstrates radical forgiveness. Luke chapter 8 is one of several highlights in the Gospel record of women fully involved in ministry. 

Four Readings from Luke

These are short readings for any break time when you can grab your Bible or phone app. ​

6:20-49   Bible App Link
7:1-35   Bible App Link
7:36-50   Bible App Link

* Recommended Breakaway Podcast​
Jesus + The Dirty Girl

8:1-21   Bible App Link

Breakaway Podcast

Discovery Bible Study Selections for Groups

Luke 6:43-45 and 46-49
Luke 7:36-50

Questions for DBS

  1. What does this passage tell us about Jesus?
  2. What does it mean for us?
  3. How will I apply it? (Make it a real, personal application.)
  4. How will I pray?​