Week 3 // June 10 – 16

Box 7 Tip: Are you building some close friendships where you are vulnerable about how you’re actually feeling? If not, try being more interested in other people, asking questions to get to know them, rather than thinking about yourself and expecting people to pursue you. Pray to God for his grace to give you more humility (thinking less of yourself). Practicing healthy self-control on social media/texting habits will help you be more more “present” and aware of the potential friendships right around you.

Luke 8:22 - 9:36

Overview for This Week

Jesus continues healing people and begins teaching about losing your life for His Kingdom. He send the twelve apostles our on mini-missions to replicate his ministry. He also begins to prophesy about his rejection, death, and resurrection. 

Four Readings from Luke

These are short readings for any break time when you can grab your Bible or phone app. ​

8:22-39   Bible App Link
8:40-56   Bible App Link
9:1-17   Bible App Link
9:18-36   Bible App Link

Breakaway Podcast

Discovery Bible Study Selections for Groups

Luke 8:40-56
Luke 9:1-6 and 23-27

Questions for DBS

  1. What does this passage tell us about Jesus?
  2. What does it mean for us?
  3. How will I apply it? (Make it a real, personal application.)
  4. How will I pray?​