Week 5 // June 24 – 30

Box 7 Tip: With the increasing time around buses and shows, what are the new opportunities you are seeing to bless people, share meals, or start meaningful conversations? During show prep or “Eat, Pack, Load” time, if you are able to finish early, you might be able to gain quiet time in a shady spot near the bus or getting on the bus early. You also could give your time to assist someone who is struggling with their loading or cleaning responsibilities. After shows, plan intentional conversations to build a new relationship or set up time with your Focus Group to read the Bible and pray.

Luke 11:24 - 12:59

Overview for This Week

Luke describes how the focus of Jesus turns and intensifies to travel toward Jerusalem. He talks more about opposition, hypocrisy, and the need to be prepared for God's will. He reassures us, as friends and followers of Him, that we don't need to anxious about our lives or fearful of other people. 

Four Readings from Luke

These are short readings for any break time when you can grab your Bible or phone app. ​

11:24-36   Bible App Link
11:37-54   Bible App Link
12:1-31   Bible App Link
12:32-59   Bible App Link

Breakaway Podcast

Discovery Bible Study Selections for Groups

Luke 11:33-36
Luke 12:1-7

Questions for DBS

  1. What does this passage tell us about Jesus?
  2. What does it mean for us?
  3. How will I apply it? (Make it a real, personal application.)
  4. How will I pray?​