Week 10 // July 29 – August 4

Box 7 Tip: What memories or performance moments do you want to remember from this season? Take some time away from social media or idle conversation to journal about these memories. You might be able to find a few more tweaks to your show-prep or EPL process to gain some time in these last couple weeks. Have you spent time lately with Scriptures or music that bring joy and hope in Jesus? If not, recall some of your favorites for your last few bus rides.

Luke 22:1-71

Overview for This Week

Framing Summary

Four Readings from Luke

These are short readings for any break time when you can grab your Bible or phone app. ​

22:1-23  Bible App Link
22:24-38   Bible App Link
22:39-53   Bible App Link
22:54-71   Bible App Link

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Discovery Bible Study Selections for Groups

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Questions for DBS

  1. What does this passage tell us about Jesus?
  2. What does it mean for us?
  3. How will I apply it? (Make it a real, personal application.)
  4. How will I pray?​