Discovery Bible Study Guide 2019

Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is an interactive group method for engaging with God's Word. It takes minimal preparation, and works well for people from diverse backgrounds of faith. A DBS time with 3-5 people can span 15-20 minutes, or longer if you choose.

DBS emphasizes transformation through connection to God and real-life application. Please refrain from teaching about a passage or referring to other studies/sermons/stories that your group has not experienced. 

The Method:

  1. Optional: watch a 3-minute video on YouTube
  2. Select a group facilitator who will pray and guide the conversation
  3. Ask everyone to share, "What are you grateful for today?"
  4. Quiet your hearts and let the facilitator pray a simple prayer. Ask God to help us focus and hear what He has for us.
  5. Facilitator selects two people to read the scripture passage, in two different translations.  Facilitator reminds people of the DBS questions (below). 
  6. Read the passage in the first translation. Pause for a moment to reflect.
  7. Re-read the passage in the second translation. Optional: you can have a third translation or someone paraphrase the passage in their own words. 
  8. Facilitator guides through the questions, keeping the group focused on the questions (sometimes there will be overlap).  Allow people to take time to absorb, process, and verbalize what God is teaching them.
  9. The main rule of DBS conversations is to avoid teaching about the text or bringing in outside resources/sermons. Choose to focus on the scripture and hearing from God, then how you can apply what you're learning. 
  10. Facilitator guides participants to choose a simple step of accountability for what they have learned. 

The DBS Questions:

As you read and discuss the Bible, try to process each of these questions. Some overlap as you discuss is fine!

  1. What does this passage tell us about God?
  2. What does this passage say about us?
  3. How can I apply it? (Make it a personal, specific application)
  4. Who can I share it with?

Tips for DBS in Drum Corps

  • A small group of 3-6 people is best. This might be a "Focus Group" of people from your section, tour job, housing/bus assignment. Feel free to invite someone who is exploring faith to join in!
  • Communicate a clear beginning and ending time. We recommend using a wristwatch to keep track of time or having the group facilitator set an alarm. That helps everyone else feel more free to focus and put their phones on Do Not Disturb mode. 
  • If you have extra time, starting with a conversation of gratitude can "shift the room" and lift your spirits before studying the Bible. See more in the Focus Group Guide.
  • If people come late or leave early, it's ok! Try to welcome, acknowledge, or appreciate them at least non-verbally with a smile or wave.
  • Followup conversations for accountability and growth are easy to set in drum corps because we see each other frequently for meals and other moments of free time. Be creative and flexible about how you can encourage each other every few days. It's easy to ask someone, "Can we meet before the lunch line tomorrow to eat together and pray?"

Gospel of John: Scripture Suggestions for DBS

For each week of the Reading Plan, here are suggested scripture passages for which you can host a Discovery Bible Study.
Anyone can participate in at DBS even if they are not reading the Gospel of John on their own.

If you have a longer gathering time (like extended snack during move-ins, staying overnight at a housing site, or a free day), you could select multiple passages for multiple sessions of Discovery Bible Study.

Week 1 // May 26 - June 1

  • 1:1-5   •  1:14-18   •  1:35-45

Week 2 // June 2 - 8

  • 3:16-21  •  3:22-36

Week 3 // June 9 - 15

  • 5:1-18  •  5:19-29  •  5:39-47

Week 4 // June 16 - 22

  • 6:22-34  •  6:35-40  •  7:37-39

Week 5 // June 23 - 29

  • 8:12-30  •  8:31-38  •  10:1-21

Week 6 // June 30 - July 6

  • 10:22-42  •  11:17-27  •  12:12-26

Week 7 // July 7 - 13

  • 12:27-36  •  12:44-50  •  14:1-6

Week 8 // July 7 - 13

  • 14:15-31  •  15:1-17  •  16:5-15

Week 9 // July 21 - 27

  • 16:25-33  •  17:13-19  •  18:28-40

Week 10 // July 28 - Aug 3

  • Chapter 19 (all)  •  Chapter 20 (all)  •  20:30-31

Week 11 // Aug 4 - 10

  • 21:1-14  •  21:24-25