Week 3 // June 9 – 15

Welcome to the Box 7 WORD 2019 Weekly Posts! Below you'll find suggested ways to grow spiritually for this week - both individually and with others at your corps.

Tip of the Week

Are you building some close friendships where you are vulnerable about how you’re actually feeling? If not, try being more interested in other people, asking questions to get to know them, rather than thinking about yourself and expecting people to pursue you. Pray to God for his grace to give you more humility (thinking less of yourself). Practicing healthy self-control on social media/texting habits will help you be more more “present” and aware of the potential friendships right around you.

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Gospel Reading: John 4:39-6:21

Many people start to believe in Jesus as he reveals himself as the Messiah (the promised Savior) and Son of God. He heals the sick, feeds the five thousand, and walks on water. Some Jewish leaders are already angry and seeking to kill him. Jesus speaks all the more to them that he is doing God’s will, which is to lead people to true life.

The Gospel reading has been split up into four, 5 minute readings found below.
Click on verse to redirect to Bible app.
John 4:39-54
John 5:1-24
John 5:25-47
John 6:1-21
Key Verse

John 5:21 "For as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, so also the Son gives life to whom he will."

Optional: Video from the Bible Project on John 1-12 (Same as Week 1)

Psalm Reading

Psalm 111 (Click to redirect to Bible app)

Prayer Prompt

God does not want us to journey in faith alone. He wants us to have friendships with people who are seeking His Kingdom, and He wants us to share his Good News through friendships. Ask God to provide these relationships and show you how He is working through them!

Suggested prayer: “God, I confess that I may want to hide, but help me to invest in others around me and point them toward Jesus, just as others point me back to him.”

Discovery Bible Study

These are shorter selections from John for the Discovery Bible Study method for groups. Learn more at this link.

Week 2 DBS Suggested Passages

  • 5:1-18
  • 5:19-29
  • 5:39-47