Week 5 // June 23 – 29

Welcome to the Box 7 WORD 2019 Weekly Posts! Below you'll find suggested ways to grow spiritually for this week - both individually and with others at your corps.

Tip of the Week

With the increasing time around buses and shows, what are the new opportunities you are seeing to bless people, share meals, or start meaningful conversations? During show prep or “Eat, Pack, Load” time, if you are able to finish early, you might be able to gain quiet time in a shady spot near the bus or getting on the bus early. You also could give your time to assist someone who is struggling with their loading or cleaning responsibilities. After shows, plan intentional conversations to build a new relationship or set up time with your Focus Group to read the Bible and pray.

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Gospel Reading: John 8:1-10:21

This week’s readings begin with the grace & forgiveness Jesus extends to the woman caught in adultery. He teaches about himself with “I Am” statements. He teaches about freedom vs. slavery to sin. He teaches that God’s word is truth, while Satan is is the “father of lies.” He shows that blindness can be both a physical and spiritual condition. He is the Good Shepherd who chooses to lay down his life for his sheep.

The Gospel reading has been split up into four, 5 minute readings found below.
Click on verse to redirect to Bible app.
John 8:1-30
John 8:31-59
John 9:1-41
John 10:1-21
Key Verse

John 8:31-32 "So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, "If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

Optional: Video from the Bible Project on John 1-12 (Same as Week 1)

Psalm Reading

Psalm 146 (Click to redirect to Bible app)

Prayer Prompt

Relationships of all kinds can be challenging. God’s perspective is that all people are made in his image. Praying for others can help you grow in respect, patience, and compassion for those around us in drum corps - even the annoying ones.

Suggested prayer: “Father, I pray that my relationships would be honoring to you. Help me to see everyone at my corps as having your image, for me to be patient, and gracious toward them just as you are with me, Amen”

Discovery Bible Study

These are shorter selections from John for the Discovery Bible Study method for groups. Learn more at this link.

Week 2 DBS Suggested Passages

  • 8:12-30
  • 8:31-38
  • 10:1-21