Call for Photos


Hey talented DCI friends!  We'd love your help to make improve the communications of Box 7.  Below is more information, sample photos, and a form where you submit files or suggest links for us to consider. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Surprise! Those of us running Box 7 are artists, too. We're picky about the kind of photography and design that we put out there to represent the brand.

As we've been working on the re-launch the ministry, here is our new mission statement: 

To Resonate the Good News of Jesus Christ
Through the People of Drum Corps
For All of Life

The inside of Box 7 is being completely designed to empower leaders, who think like missionaries, to accomplish that Gospel mission. 

So the main purpose of Box 7 media is to impress on the minds and hearts that the Good News of Jesus is connected to their every day DCI experience and all of life.  We want the our website and social media to connect their everyday experience in DCI to the mission of Jesus.  (I.E. - we are not just trying to have pretty website that promotes DCI or action shots that will be obsolete with the next uniform change). 

We will build out better media for the inside of the ministry first (websites targeted toward leaders, corps staff members, and supporters) and later on build a new public website. 

You all probably know what it's like to have an idea for a creative project, but you don't have the anchor piece of art to realize the the project. That's what I (Evan) feel like every time I want to work on Box 7 communications. I'd love your help to solve this problem, and get some of your content broadcasted occasionally to Box 7 audiences at the same time. 

To check out a sample website that we really like for this photography style, go to

To see the website template features we already have at, check out
Another template we have, and may use soon is: 

Here are some preferences and branding ideas for what we'd like to collect:

Audience Priorities (Note this is different than drum corps media priorities)
  1. Box 7 leaders and corps staff members connected to the ministry, both Open Class and World Class
  2. All other contacts of the ministry who are using our resources
  3. Supporters, parents, alums, pastors who are following Box 7
  4. Then, broader DCI audiences 
Some Branding Ideas/Values
  • Joyful
  • Scenic
  • Authentic
  • Relational
  • Accessible
  • Clear
Perspective Notes
  • At this point, we generally want shots near or from the perspectives of DCI members or corps staff.  See examples below.
  • We do not want performance action shots from members in uniform unless they are a known Box 7 member who we might tell their story for fundraising communications. You can submit a great action shot of someone you know is part of the ministry. 
  • Group shots preferred over individual shots. Visual focus can be more on performance elements, scenic shots, or community life rather than individual people’s identities
  • For rehearsal shots, tour life, not too much flesh, but still realistic
  • Bus life
  • Meal times
  • Rehearsal action shots
  • Laundry day - group time
  • Box 7 meet ups (if you do have some photos of people in Bible study/community times)
  • Bus loading/show prep

Sample Photos We Like 

Photo: Guardians rehearsal 2017, by Zach Ashcraft