Connectors 2019

You might have several questions or ideas about ministry in DCI, and we're excited to partner with you for this journey. We believe that God can work through you in your corps this summer to resonate the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our hope with Box 7 is to empower you with relationships and resources to initiate a movement of discipleship at your corps -- helping a few people to trust and follow Jesus. 

Please watch the video below and take a few minutes to pray about what it will look like to follow Jesus at your corps, and who God might bring you for the next few months.

If you have more questions about being a Connector with Box 7 this summer, you can reach out to Karl. Some of your questions may be covered in later training content. Our goal is to have multiple Connectors in each corps. Box 7 has experience establishing ministry groups in many different corps situations and cultures; we will strive to be sensitive to and prayerful for the unique direction that God may be leading at your corps this year (and we want to learn from you, too!). We hope to balance both building a personal relationship with you and using some technology to save time on the content. We welcome your feedback about the process so we can make improvements in the future. 

If you decide to not become a Connector this year, that is ok! There are other ways you can participate in Christian community during your drum corps season, and you can still be part of Box 7 if you wish. Just let us know!

Some of the next steps:

  • Click the Button below to create a free account with Ministry Grid (hosted by Lifeway). 
  • In Ministry Grid, complete Part 1 and Part 2 of the Connector form.  This should takes 20-30 minutes. We ask for 2 personal references; if you have any questions about that, contact us.
  • You'll be added to the Facebook group: Box 7 for DCI - Team 2019
  • We'll help you with initiating the Box 7 community at your corps - finding more people, establishing communication channels, training additional Connectors at your corps.
  • You'll receive about 1 more hour of content in Ministry Grid to help you prepare for the summer and partner with other people in your corps.  Note: please use an email address for Ministry Grid where you will receive occasional notifications about new content. 

Questions?  Contact Karl Koemmpel at [email protected]

Feedback or Questions?

We welcome your honest thoughts or questions as this is the first time for Box 7 to clarify leadership in this way. We will respond or use your thoughts to refine the future. Thank you!