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Volunteering in DCI

Operation: #ServeDrumCorps

No matter how long you have been following drum corps or Box 7, we hope you'll consider some new ways to serve DCI! You may earn some opportunities to share about the hope of Jesus Christ to drum corps participants or fellow volunteers who wouldn't typically get to hear that truth during the drum corps season.

It's best to reach out to the corps administration in advance and let them know you would like to help with camps, spring training, or tour. The corps website will have contact information for a director or volunteer coordinator who can provide information about their needs and when to help. To get started on finding a corps, go to Remember to check out both Open and World class corps!

  • During late May through early June, most of the corps are stationary and need assistance with cooking, uniforms, construction projects, and errands
  • From late June through mid August, most of the corps are looking for volunteers to travel with them and cook during the day or drive at night

Other creative ways to help DCI (especially if you can not come on tour):

  • Visit a corps that is rehearsing at a school near you. Offer to help wash dishes on the food truck, drive an errand in your car, buy some supplies, or just bring a crowd to watch their full-ensemble rehearsal (usually in the evenings). You can usually find out where corps are rehearsing by checking out the corps website calendar or the local show coordinators.
  • Are you a medical professional? Corps members and staff can often benefit from the visiting services of athletic trainers, nurses, doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, and even dentists! Contact one of the corps directors, or Laura VanDoren with the Drum Corps Medical Project at [email protected].
  • Secure a housing site for a drum corps. Please contact Jeff Cox at [email protected] for this if you have strong connections to a school or church that has space to host a corps for a day or two. Typically, a housing site will require 2 football fields, a gym, extra classrooms, and locker room showers.
  • Volunteer for a DCI show. Your local show coordinators may appreciate your help with setup, tickets, parking, concessions, and ushering. You can find the show schedule and local contacts for volunteering through
  • Provide a pot-luck or catered meal for a corps. DCI members always remember donated meals on tour, and the cooking staff is glad for a break! Remember that the quantities need to be appropriate for 200 athletes, and the corps directors will need to plan in advance for your donated meal. Your school band boosters or church might have people willing to spend a day in the summer helping with this!

If you have any questions about how to get plugged into serving a drum corps, feel free to contact Box 7 at

[email protected]

or 218-248-2697.