You Can Get Involved With This Mission Field

What’s the best way to make an impact in the lives of young people in drum corps?  Support a missionary who is working in the marching music arts!

Our Box 7 Ministries staff are these people — qualified to work part-time in drum corps in normal ways, as instructors and tour administrators.  They are teaching, serving and working alongside their corps to make a positive, God-centered impact at every level of the organization.

Through your support, our staff missionaries can work together as a year-round team to Connect, Equip, Mentor, and Mobilize the members of Box 7 before and after the DCI season.  More young adults will be hearing about Jesus, plugging into local churches, and growing as Christian leaders because of your financial partnership with Box 7 staff.

Staff Currently Raising Support through Reliant

We have three staff for Box 7 who are individually raising support through Reliant Mission for this week.  You may give tax-deductible donations to Reliant to support the work of these staff members.

  • Evan Woods – Contact or Give Now
    Executive Director, based in Denton, TX
  • Karl Koemmpel – Contact or Give Now
    Associate Director, based in Denton, TX

Box 7 Ministries staff are accountable to the Box 7 Board of Directors and their local church.  Besides working for Box 7 Ministries, staff will typically serve at one drum corps organization on-tour (World Class or Open Class) as an instructor, tour assistant, or volunteer.  They may also be involved with campus ministry at a college with drum corps members or work part-time with a high school marching band.

Box 7 staff are support through our partner organization, Reliant Mission (formerly Great Commission Ministries) is an accredited, 501(c)3 non-profit mission organization that trains, employs and serves missionaries as they raise a team of supporters for their ministry.

Would you become a partner with this ministry?

We cannot do this alone.  We would love to get to know you and share more about the vision for Box 7.  This ministry is national, local, and international.  There is a great need for more people to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the strong relationships in marching music.  Please contact us to learn more about how you can become a prayer partner or financial partner with this ministry.

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