Here are some tips that will help you think ahead about your overall spiritual, relational, and emotional health this season!

Week 1

Box 7 Tip: Find a “spot” for time with God. Jesus was known for pulling away from the crowds, spending time by himself in nature to pray and recharge. Around your move-ins location, look for a location where you or a small group can routinely get away from the craziness of drum corps to reflect spend focused time with God. It might be in the bleachers, a balcony over a gym, a bench outside the school, a quiet lounge area inside the school. Where’s your “spot”?

Week 2

If you did not try last week’s tip of finding your “spot” for quiet time, check back on the week 1 post... As you get settled into Move-Ins, you can ask a more experienced member or staff about how to save time in your daily routine. If you have not already established a Box 7 small group or “Focus Group,” start paying attention to who is connected to Box 7 that you see often during the day. Invite them to join you for a Focus Group time this week, then commit to meet a few more times. Don't feel like you have to commit to a group for the whole summer. 

Week 3

Are you building some close friendships where you are vulnerable about how you’re actually feeling? If not, try being more interested in other people, asking questions to get to know them, rather than thinking about yourself and expecting people to pursue you. Pray to God for his grace to give you more humility (thinking less of yourself). Practicing healthy self-control on social media/texting habits will help you be more more “present” and aware of the potential friendships right around you.

Week 4

If you are beginning tour this week, there will be change in your routines and the rhythms of how you interact with people. As the rhythms of a culture change, so does the rhythm of ministry. Take some extra minutes to plan ahead, pray, or seek advice at your corps about how to navigate this transition. For bus rides before/after shows, how can you build a habit to spend a few minutes being refreshed by Jesus? If you have a new tour job on the road, what people in that tour job routine can you pursue for a God-centered relationship?

Week 5

With the increasing time around buses and shows, what are the new opportunities you are seeing to bless people, share meals, or start meaningful conversations? During show prep or “Eat, Pack, Load” time, if you are able to finish early, you might be able to gain quiet time in a shady spot near the bus or getting on the bus early. You also could give your time to assist someone who is struggling with their loading or cleaning responsibilities. After shows, plan intentional conversations to build a new relationship or set up time with your Focus Group to read the Bible and pray.

Week 6

How have your free-days or laundry blocks been so far? These can be excellent for recharging spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. The drum corps norm is to hang out with a group and spend money, but you might be more refreshed by spending time in quiet reflection, walking in nature, talking with family or supporters back home, or praying for your corps. Give some thought to how you can strategically use your remaining free days or laundry times for your health and God’s glory.

Week 7

It’s that time of the summer, when some dating relationships on tour begin to solidify. Are you or a friend beginning to date someone on tour because of the comfort that person brings? That relationship might not be honoring to God or emotionally healthy. A resource that Box 7 recommends on relationships in the Breakaway Ministries app. Check out the podcast folder entitled “Single / Dating / Engaged / Married.” Corps staff members may have wisdom on these relationships to pass on to you!

Week 8

Is there someone in your corps (member or staff) who needs encouragement right now? Invite them to have a meal with you. Make the plan a day, or at least a block in advance, then meet before going through the food truck line to make it easier to connect and sit down together in your own space to talk. You can think ahead about caring questions to ask or genuine affirmation to give.

Week 9

Do you have some real life plans or school registrations that are not complete for the fall semester? Ask someone (maybe a corps staff member) to help you find time to get these done; it will be a great relief for your final weeks of rehearsal and performing. You might even ask a staff member to use a laptop and internet connection, which will help you focus and finish faster than working on your phone.

Week 10 

What memories or performance moments do you want to remember from this season? Take some time away from social media or idle conversation to journal about these memories. You might be able to find a few more tweaks to your show-prep or EPL process to gain some time in these last couple weeks. Have you spent time lately with Scriptures or music that bring joy and hope in Jesus? If not, recall some of your favorites for your last few bus rides.

Week 11

For this last week together, if you have final words for people in your corps, make a short list of the ones you would like to pursue a moment with. You can think through these kinds of conversations: who should I thank? who do I need to apologize to? who should I resolve conflict with? who in my section should I affirm publicly for their character? what staff member should I thank for what they taught me? who has been a faithful servant of Jesus? Spoken words can be some of the most powerful blessings we can give.