Box 7 WORD 2018

Devotional Life Designed for Drum Corps

Jesus Came to Seek & Save the Lost

The book of Luke is a thoughtful narrative in the Bible on the life of Jesus Christ. For this summer, let’s join together in these short readings, conversations and prayers to see what God can teach us about His Son -- who he actually was, what he actually said, and what he actually did. 

Box 7 WORD 2018 is designed to bring this story about Jesus into your drum corps life. Whether this is your first time discovering Jesus, or a refresher for you, this resource is designed to be light-weight and flexible so that you can adapt to the DCI summer schedule.

Are you feeling lost?  Are you becoming friends with anyone this summer who is lost, or maybe ashamed?  One of the most beautiful and relevant themes you will see in the book of Luke is that Jesus has a relentless heart for people who are outcast, poor and spiritually lost.  

Weekly Posts - The Gospel of Luke

The format for each week includes:

  • ​A practical tip for DCI tour life
  • Short overview thought for the Scripture
  • Four readings (about 5 minutes each) from the book of Luke, Bible App Links provided
  • Suggested podcast links for personal/group listening
  • Discovery Bible study resources for small groups
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The Bible Project Videos: Luke

8 minutes each, from Watch the Read Scripture video on the book of Luke, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its flow of thought. In Luke, Jesus carries the covenant story of God and Israel to its culmination and he announces the good news of God’s kingdom to the poor and the rich.

Focus Groups & Discovery Bible Studies

We encourage members and staff in DCI to focus on more frequent gatherings with people near them by section, tour job, bus / housing assignments.  If you think about Box 7 community being primarily multi-section / or all Christians in your drum corps, it will not be feasible to meet often.  Aim for smaller groups with people you actually cross paths with; you might call these "Focus Groups."

Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) are a simple, conversational method for anytime you have 15 minutes or so with a group of 3 or more (maybe a Focus Group). DBS is also great for people who are new to reading the Bible!  For each week of the Box 7 WORD reading plan through Luke, we have selected a couple passages that will be effective for a small group meeting. 

Suggested Breakaway Podcasts for DCI 2018

These podcasts are a way you can hear the Gospel and God's Word taught in a relevant way.  Each Breakaway talk is available for free in the Breakaway App or about 35-40 minutes long (plus a post-logue). You can listen to these on longer breaks, tour tasks, or bus rides. 

To go along with reading the Book of Luke this summer we recommend the Breakaway Ministries podcast series “Jesus + the Outsider.” These talks will help you see with more clarity the transformation and forgiveness that Jesus offers at no cost to you and your friends in drum corps.

Part 1 - Jesus + The Ashamed // Luke 5

Part 3 - Jesus + The Lost Boys // Luke 15:1-32

Part 4 - Jesus + the Dirty Girls // Luke 7

Part 4 - Jesus + the Social Outcast // Luke 19:1-10

Part 5 - Jesus + The Crucifiers // Luke 22:33-34

How would Jesus have us live our lives through these topics in our generation?  If you can only listen to a few of these teachings during the summer, we most suggest you listen to Parts 1, 5, and 6 for the summer.  When you get home for the fall, Parts 2, 3, and 4 will be helpful for your transition home.

Part 1 - Technology // Luke 5:16

Part 2 - Church // 1 Corinthians 12 + 13

Part 3 - Money // Matthew 6:19-34

Part 4 - Ethnic Diversity // Ephesians 2:8-16

Part 5 - Healthy Conflict // Ephesians 4:15

Part 6 - Narcissism