Box 7 WORD 2019

A Way to Connect with God in Drum Corps

Welcome! If this is your first time to consider a relationship with God, we hope you'll find these resources flexible and refreshing during your moments of flexible time inside drum corps.

If you have been following Jesus for a while or you're already familiar with Box 7, consider this a "toolbox" to help you resonate the Good News of Jesus Christ in drum corps and all of life. If you  have your own rhythms and resources for seeking God while in a drum corps summer, you are free to use those, too!

Got questions?  Text 218-248-2697 and we'll get back to you!

Reading the Gospel of John

Reading the book of John in the Bible is a way to learn about Jesus, the Son of God. You can use access the Bible with an app or hard-copy. Not sure if you want to bring your paper Bible on tour? You might also purchase a water-proof New Testament Bible.

The below schedule for reading includes four selections each week. Feel free to read ahead, catch up, or start in the middle anytime!

  • Week 1 // May 26 - June 1 // John 1:1 - 2:12
  • Week 2 // June 2 - 8 // John 2:13 - 4:38
  • Week 3 // June 9 - 15 // John 4:39 - 6:21
  • Week 4 // June 16 - 22 // John 6:22 - 7:53
  • Week 5 // June 23 - 29 // John 8:1 - 10:21
  • Week 6 // June 30 - July 6 // John 10:22 - 12:26
  • Week 7 // July 7 - 13 // John 12:27 - 14:14
  • Week 8 // July 14 - 20 // John 14:15 - 16:15
  • Week 9 // July 21 - 27 // John 16:16 - 18:40
  • Week 10 // July 28 - Aug 3 // John 19:1 - 20:31
  • Week 11 // Aug 4 - 10 Championships! // John 21:1-25

The Bible Project Videos: John

9 minutes each, from Watch the Read Scripture videos on the Gospel of John, which breaks down the literary design of the book and its main ideas. 

Weekly Posts

Check back for the following:

  • Tips for DCI tour life
  • Prayer prompts
  • Short overview thought for the Scripture readings each week
  • Suggested Psalms and Proverbs readings with the Gospel of John
  • Guided planning sessions to help you engage with God and other people
Week 11 // August 4 – 10
Welcome to the Box 7 WORD 2019 Weekly Posts! Below you'll find suggested ways to grow spiritually for this week[...]
Week 10 // July 28 – August 3
Welcome to the Box 7 WORD 2019 Weekly Posts! Below you'll find suggested ways to grow spiritually for this week[...]
Week 9 // July 21 – 27
Welcome to the Box 7 WORD 2019 Weekly Posts! Below you'll find suggested ways to grow spiritually for this week[...]

Focus Groups

We encourage members and staff in DCI to focus on more small group gatherings with people near them by section, tour job, bus / housing assignments.  If you think about Box 7 community being primarily multi-section / or all Christians in your drum corps, it will not be feasible to meet often.  Aim for smaller groups with people you frequently cross paths with; you might call these "Focus Groups."

Focus Group Guide... coming soon

Discovery Bible Studies

Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) are a simple, conversational method for anytime you have 15 minutes or more with a group of 3+ (maybe a Focus Group). DBS is also great for people who are new to reading the Bible!  

For each week of the Box 7 WORD reading plan through the Gospel of John, we have selected a few passages that will be effective for a small group meeting. 

Wisdom from Proverbs // Survival Skills

Optional: You can read and meditate on the Bible book of Proverbs to grow in wisdom.  

The suggested podcast series, "Survival Skills," from pastor Ben Stuart teaches Proverbs through the topics of foolishness, friendship, sex, money,  communication, and marriage.  Check out more on the post.  Podcast from Passion City Church in Washington, D.C.

This Cultural Moment

A podcast about following Jesus in the post-christian world. This Cultural Moment is a collaboration of John Mark Comer from Bridgetown Church in Portland, USA and Mark Sayers from Red Church in Melbourne, Australia. Great for listening to on the bus!

Interested in listening? Check it out at the links below.

Spotify // Apple Podcasts // Podbean // Google Play Music // Official Website